Our Journey Fuels
Your Passion

Bicycle Insurance unlike
anything you've seen before.


Straightforward insurance that works in your favour

We created an exceptional community of cyclists to cover your bike wherever you ride. This is possible through a straightforward insurance policy, engineered for real cyclists.

Our community makes sure you always get a fair price. Every claim adds a tiny charge to everyone's monthly bill up to a cap provided by Laka.

This is fair cycle insurance powered by the community.

Joining Laka is pretty simple


Join the Community

Signup and upload your bikes to the Laka App in a few minutes


Split the bill

For each claim in the community, we add a tiny charge to your bill


Keep the savings

Fewer claims means you & your fellow cyclists save tons

What we cover you for

We protect all your bikes and accessories. Without excess and depreciation. Globally up to 60 days.



When someone takes your bicycle or accessories from you. No matter where it happens. Please just make sure you have it locked when out and about.

Accidential Loss

When someone else (e.g. an airline or a courier) loses your gear whilst it is in their custody. Don't "lose" your stuff in the Thames, our community won't like that.

Accidential Damage

Any sudden, unintended and unforeseen damage to your bikes and accessories. Bad things happen, but we got you covered.


Whenever someone intentionaly breaks your gear, we'll get it fixed or replace the parts.


Wear & Tear

Any damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or aging.

Professional Racing

When you earn an appearance fee for participation or are paid a salary to participate including races by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Sportives, Gran Fondos or Amateur races are covered.

Not taking proper care

When you don't lock your gear to an immovable object with a Sold Secure Gold lock away from home. When you abandon your gear for more than 24 hours.

Acting against the community

When you or someone on your behalf act fraudulent or dishonest.

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