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Zurich unveils major innovation initiative in the UK

Zurich announced the UK Innovation Foundry which will build on a  central principle of Zurich’s global strategy. This strategy will be fostering an innovative culture and wil be a permanent fixture for all organizations that want to stay relevant. Examples in the UK include the Zurich’s partnership with Laka.

Stephanie Fernandes

Turbo Training over the Winter: Do’s and Don’ts

Winter is the time of year when you’re most likely to wind up in the garage with your woolly hat on avoiding the ice and cursing the British weather. Here are some top tips to make sure you enjoy your time on the turbo and emerge in the spring a faster stronger athlete. Do’s 1.

Ken Buckley

Laka partners with underwriter, obtains regulatory approval

It has been almost a year since we joined Startupbootcamp InsurTech with not a single line of code, a mocked-up customer journey and a bold mission. We met with numerous insurers and the reactions could not have been more different. Some were in denial that the insurance landscape is changing, others did not have the

Tobias Taupitz

From Hate to Love – Laka Laka Laka

“I believed in Laka so much, that I decided to reinvest my earnings into the company. My hate for insurance companies had turned into a love for Laka”.     It started with a coffee (actually a hot chocolate, I never did get used to drinking coffee). Catching up with an old colleague from Barclays.

Claire Knoph

We are back, now in Hawaiian Raspberry

This is our journey on how we went from an insurance intermediary with a novel business model to protecting people’s unique feelings. For us Insure A Thing has always been a working title. Something that grows on you due to its descriptiveness, while being a nightmare in terms of consumer branding and messaging. How do

Jens Hartwig

Oxbow Partner’s Bitsize Insurtech: Insure A Thing

“Insure A Thing is one of the very few InsurTechs doing something genuinely disruptive”. Consultant at Oxbow Partners George Hanks shares Oxbow Partners view on Insure A Thing. Outlining how Insure A Thing will be a game-changer for non-UK territories and is a disruptive business model.    

Stephanie Fernandes

James Daley on fairness in financial services

“One of the most interesting ideas I’ve heard so far […].” Consumer campaigner and financial journalist James Daley mentions Insure A Thing aligning with consumers interests. Helping overcome the biggest risk consumers face in personal finance, which is not mis-selling but mis-buying.        

Stephanie Fernandes

SBC InsurTech – It’s all made up, or is it?

You may have noticed that I refrained from publishing a post on our SBC experience recently. This was in part because things are getting real at Startupbootcamp and time gets increasingly scarce and partly quality over quantity 😉 First things first, I mentioned in my last post that I will tell you a few things

Tobias Taupitz

SBC InsurTech – The good, the bad and the ugly

Stealth mode is for deeply funded start-ups. Since we are bootstrapping, why not tell you what’s happening at Insure A Thing along the way? The good, the bad and the ugly. In return, I would like to ask for your help. Your help to resolve the conflict of interest that exists in today’s insurance products

Tobias Taupitz

SBC InsurTech – Reporting from the front line

A lot has been written about the value of accelerator programs; and yet I decided to add to the rich list of articles and publish some thoughts. This series aims to provide a weekly inside view from the Startupbootcamp InsurTech accelerator program we have joined on January 17th. Brace yourselves for some first-hand insights. +++

Tobias Taupitz