When you sign up for a policy with Laka, you have 14 days to understand if it is the right product for you.  If not, you can cancel and you won't be a charged a penny. 

If you have made a claim within these 14 days of your policy, you will have to pay for the full month.

By law, all insurance policies have to give a minimum 14-day cooling-off period. In this period, the customer can choose to cancel their policy if they wish. The cooling-off period starts when you activate your policy.

If you do decide to part ways with us within those 14 days, we must oblige (with much sadness). You won't be liable for any charges incurred during this period (if you haven't made a claim). The only thing we would ask is feedback! We thrive on feedback, and want to be better, so do be honest with us. 

To cancel in the cooling-off period, you would need to login and cancel.

As always, if you need help, contact us
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