We know that being without a bike or your beloved accessories sucks, so we want to settle your claim as seamlessly and quickly as possible whilst also doing what's best for our community. 

There are two options to how we go about settling a claim:
Replace the item
Cash settlement

The majority of the time we replace the item so that it's quicker for our member to get back on their bike and continue riding. Whilst replacing the item like for like can be tricky due personalised parts and also older bikes, we try our best to get as close to your bike as possible. 

The replacement of the item is dependent on the amount insured with us. If you have insured it with us for the retail price, then rest assured we will get you one that is similar and up to that value.

If, however, the insured amount is less than the new replacement value (retail price), we will replace the item with an equivalent item, but we won't replace the item with more than the insured value. It's sometimes difficult for us to source the part, and you might not get something similar due to price fluctuations.

On the flip side, there are some incidents where we do pay out in cash. This may be due to the member being in another country and needing to be back on their bike before they return to the UK. 

Whichever the case, we try our hardest to make our claimant and our members happy.
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