You know here at Laka we bill you at the end of the month for your share of that month's claim. Read more here

We want to offer full flexibility and thus enable you to cancel during the month to the next end of month (e.g. if you cancel on September 16th we will not renew your policy on September 30th). Note that you will have full cover for the remaining days of the month and we ask you pay your share for the same period.

Leaving within the first 48 hours of the new month

We like to play fair, so if you leave within 48 hours of the new month, we'll cancel your policy retroactively per the last day of the previous the month.

Example: you receive your renewed policy documents on August 31st alongside your personal statement. You then decide to cancel your policy on September 2nd. In this case we will retroactively cancel your policy per 31 August and the bill for August will be your final bill with us.

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