It's always good to know what information you'd need in the unfortunate case of making a claim, so below are the things you should keep in mind when doing so.

Just to note that the items you have insured with us should be accompanied with pictures on the app

You will first need to let us know if your gear got damaged or stolen, and whether your claim is regarding your accessory or your bike (or both).

Your next step is to input the address of where the incident happened.

In the case of a theft, you will be asked to enter the crime number. Please also remember to put the UK police for you have reported it with (

As part of the claim journey, we ask you to record a video statement of what happened. Do make sure that it is audible and we can see your face.

After the video statement, you are welcome to add photos, documents or any reports that support your claim. This includes invoices if you have taken your bike into your local bike shop.

We want to make sure that you are back riding on your bike as soon as possible, so any information is welcome. The more, the better.

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