So you've heard of the Laka Club but don't fully understand it?

The Laka club is separate to the bike policy... We wanted to bring together all cyclists into one community, and allow everyone in the community to benefit from perks that they, as cyclists, would be interested in  

The Laka Club gives you access to monthly cycling perks and content updates You can join the Laka Club without insuring your gear with Laka. This just means you get access to the perks that we curate for the club each month.  

We launched the Club at the end of the November and the perks that are currently live are:

Wahoo gear - limited time only
Zwift - limited time only
and many more!

 Past Perks include:


Like the club and want to be part of it? Just put in your details here, and voilà! You are part of the club.

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