We do things a little differently to
make insurance work in your favour

What bikes can be covered

One cover for all your 
bicycles and accessories

We insure all kinds of bicycles and even ebikes (although we only cover electrically assisted pedal cycles).

You can add as many bikes as you want between £1,000 and £7,500 and up to £15,000 in total value to your cover.

In addition, you can add up to £500 in accessories of the following items: Bike computers, bike GPS, bike watch, glasses and goggles, your helmet, front and back lights, the lock and bottle cage.

Need something else covered? Tell us now!

What we cover

A dead simple cover against 
theft, damage & loss

We can keep this one short.

All items added to our platform are insured for theft, accidental damage, vandalism and loss. Wherever you are, whatever happens – you will know we have your gear covered.

But there are two key exceptions to the rule: We do not cover wear and tear of your gear as well as any incidents related to professional racing (at least for now). Sorry, Chris! Next Tour de France we got you.

What we charge you

We only charge what we need and 
base our success on yours

Every month you will get a bill from us detailing how much we have spent on claims and what your share of the cost is. Every claim submitted by a member increases the pack’s next bill.

Although the price changes from month to month, your share will never exceed your personal cap. And by the way, that cap is set around the level of price you would pay with others for your bicycle insurance.

Rest assured, we don’t line our pockets when there are no damages because we only earn a fee when we successfully payout for the pack.

How you claim


Only you know the facts, the value, the worth and the incident. We eliminate the guesswork and work with you towards a common goal – putting you back on the saddle.

Simply file a claim with your smartphone and tell us what happened. We look into your claim instantly and get it sorted without any delays.

Whatever you put in as the value of your bike, we replace or fix your bike up to the insured value. No excess, no depreciation.

500 cyclists will lead the revolution this autumn.
Be one of them.

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